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MIDI Note Fader

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The original MIDI Note Fader in a standalone unit, driven by the MIDI Note Fader control panel software.

The MIDI Note Fader control panel is proprietary software and has been made by us from the ground up. The software is included in the price and we will provide future updates and full support with the software.

- 13 scales to choose from
- reverse switch
- visual indicator of MIDI note being sent out
- output up to 2 octaves (or more if your turntable can handle it!)

Drop in your x-fader, choose your settings in the software control panel and start hitting notes!

How does it work?
This product is intended to be used with another mixer (main mixer), e.g. a Z2 or a Vestax 05. You use the x-fader of your main mixer and drop it into the MNF standalone. A 4-pin x-fader extension wire is included and needs to be connected to your main mixer's x-fader lead.

Scale selection, reverse option and Note indicator are done via the MNF control panel software. The actual 'MIDI Note' vertical movements are being done in the standalone unit. All other controls (gain, EQ, master etc.) remain with your main mixer.

Your laptop or PC needs to have a MIDI connection (e.g. USB MIDI), which you will connect to the turntable.

The Standalone unit is powered by USB from your PC/laptop. The USB cable is included and will also drive the MNF control panel software signal. A USB MIDI cable is not included.

Click here to see some videos and to read more about how it works.

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