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Image of MIDI Note Fader Pro D.I.Y. Kit

MIDI Note Fader Pro D.I.Y. Kit

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After our launch of the MNF Pro we have gotten significant questions about a Pro kit. As we build them by hand please note that delivery takes a few weeks in some cases.

Here is a video of the fitted Pro Kit in a Vestax PMC06.

This Kit includes:

- Vertical X-fader Rail Mechanism (2 rails)
- Vertical Fader Sensor (pre-fitted onto the rail)
- LCD Display
- MIDI Out
- Scale Selector Rotary Knob
- Reverse Switch
- Pre-programmed USB connected electronics core (Arduino based)
- USB MicroB Cable 1.8m

The core is preprogrammed and the vertical sensor and rail mechanism are now also 'pre-fitted' but can be disassembled if needed, as the placement of these depends on your mod-project.

The other parts are all pre-assembled but need to be plugged into the core (instructions on how to do this are included). The wires in the actual Kit are longer than in the picture so you should be able to place the components in the desired place.

You DO NOT need a laptop to run this kit, only USB Power. All controls and information is handled by the controls and the LCD Display. The USB Out will enable software control as well, but is not needed for the Kit to work.

If you decide to purchase a Kit and do your own mod we are available to share our best practices and tips on installing the mod. However, we are not responsible nor do we guarantee a successful outcome. Modding is always done at your own risk!

Get in touch with questions and/or comments.

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