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The idea of controlling pitch of the turntable by vertical fader motion is not new. In fact, JohnBeez introduced the Fretless Fader a couple of years back already.

There are also other initiatives under the notion of Syntablism where timecode vinyl is used to control a synth or vst on a PC.

"When Backtrack introduced the MIDI Mod for the Vestax PDX 2000 somewhere in 2013, I decided to create my own mod and dubbed it the Midi Note Fader (MNF) Mod." - DJ Machiel

None of these ideas have been made available to YOU, the public, turntablists and musicians around the world, until we introduced MIDI Note Fader to the public in 2016.

In early 2017 we revealed the first prototype of Catalyst Controller, pushing the envelope of Melodic Turntablism even further. Credits for 'thinking out loud' and brainstorming to make this a reality go to Luigi 'SirCut' Comito, in our eyes one of the true pioneers of Syntablism.

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