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Catalyst Controller F.A.Q. (work in progress)

Q: What is the difference between MIDI Note Fader and Catalyst Controller?

A: Catalyst is basically the evolution of MNF. It is capable of the same things (controlling a turntable via MIDI) but so much more. Catalyst acts as a MIDI controller and it will allow you to manipulate and create new sounds (through a synthesizer or VST) on the fly. Forget scratching tonerecords, scratch and cut sounds in real-time! No MIDI turntable needed anymore to create Melodic Turntablism.

Q: Will Catalyst work with my mixer?

A: It depends, if your mixer can fit a mini innofader, then you can physically fit it with Catalyst Controller. If your mixer cannot use a mini-innofader then it will most likely not work. The reason is quite practical, there is only a few cm of space for the x-fader to drop into, most x-faders are between 4-6 cm in height and won't fit.

Q: Do I need a MIDI turntable?

A: No you don't. The basis of Catalyst is formed around the concept of syntablism so we give you the control to manipulate the sound, but the actual 'note-pitch' changes (as you would be using a controller one and pushing the buttons on it) happen on the synth, not on the turntable. It's the best of both worlds really.

Q: I use Serato, can I still use Catalyst?

A: Yes, but not all features are supported. If you are able to route the timecode audio into Catalyst (it acts as a audio interface) then you can use the vinyl control to manipulate sounds. The vertical fader motion will allow you to play different notes but the x-fader itself will not trigger notes (with Traktor this feature is enabled).

MIDI Note Fader F.A.Q.

Q. Can I buy a MIDI Note Fader?

A. Yes, you can now! Check out the product sections for the various options.

Q. Is this a fretless fader? 

A. No and yes. No, it is not as all the engineering work, electronic prototyping and software code for the MIDI Note Fader has been done by us. Yes if you refer to 'what the product does'. For more info see the Credits section.

Q. Is the standalone unit a full DJ/scratch mixer?

A. No it is not. Essentially the standalone unit is a 'temporary' housing for your main mixer's x-fader. It allows you to have all the benefits of the MNF mod, but without cutting up your mixer. You drop in your main mixer's x-fader and connect the extension wire to your main mixer. All other controls (EQ, gain etc.) are still done with your main mixer.

Q. Will it work with Traktor/Serato/Other DVS software?

A. The MNF does not depend on DVS software but we advice to use DVS if you want more sounds and tones to choose from.

Q. Which x-faders will fit in the standalone units?

A. The panel mount plate in the standalone unit is made to fit the majority of x-faders and their screw-holes. E.g. Inno-faders, Pro-X-Fade, Vestax x-faders should all fit with no problem. If you are unsure about the fit, get in touch with us and we will help you out.

Q. Will it work with any turntable?

A. For the original experience your turntable needs to be able to receive MIDI input as pitch. Essentially, if you can use a MIDI keyboard to control your turntable's pitch, you can use the MIDI Note Fader. 

However, as of June 1st 2016 MIDI Note Fader is now also compatible with non MIDI turntables, but you will need to have Traktor Scratch or Serato DJ 1.9 and up with Pitch n Time extension. The result is almost the same but the pitch change will not come from the turntable, rather from your DVS software. Your unit will come with custom mapping for your software to make the MNF work.

Q. Do I need a Controller One?

A. No. You can use any turntable that can receive MIDI (e.g. also the PDX 3000). See also the previous question. Alternatively, if you own Traktor Scratch or Serato DJ 1.9 and up with Pitch n Time extension you can also use MNF.

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