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How does it work?

Below you will find more information on the original MIDI Note Fader and how it works. For Catalyst Controller it is best to check out our Facebook page as we are updating new things there on a regular basis.

For a quick video introduction to Catalyst Controller you can check ouy below video for starters (note this is the entry model, not the mkII!)

People are often asking us how the MIDI Note Fader (MNF) mod works. Before we go into that, here is a video of Ritchie Ruftone (DMC Champion) demonstrating his custom MIDI Note Fader:

In the above video the MNF mod is built into a Vestax PMC 06 mixer.

In a nutshell, this is how it works:

  1. The x-fader is mounted onto a vertical rail-system
  2. The vertical motion also controls a sensor/potentiometer that sends a signal
  3. This signal gets mapped to a note-scale and created into MIDI notes
  4. The MIDI Notes are sent to a MIDI controlled turntable
  5. The turntable changes pitch based on the note it receives

There is multiple ways of accomplishing the above, depending on the set-up you would like to use. In general we offer two options:

A fully customized mod can be done in both ways. Here is a picture of the Standalone MIDI Note Fader (left) and a Custom fitted Vestax PMC06 (right):

The same goes for the software supported version. Below is a screenshot of the MNF Control Panel.

This is a quick demo video of the controls on the MNF Pro:

If you are on this site we assume you have relevant decent knowledge of DJ equipment. However, for the sake of clarity, we will list what else is required to for you to be able to utilize the MNF mod:

A turntable that can receive MIDI as input to control pitch. Well known models are the Vestax Controller One and the Vestax PDX 3000. Backtrack has introduced his PDX MIDI mod a few years ago, which will allow you to get the same MIDI capability in a Vestax PDX 2000 or 2000 MKII as well. At time ow writing there are also rumours that there will be a MIDI Mod for the Technics SL1200.

A 'tone-record' or tone-files in your favorite DVS system. You can download several Traktor remix sets with sounds in it from our website for free. If you are unsure what kind of tones or sounds to use, feel free to ask us, we're happy to help.

As of June 1st 2016 you can now also use the MIDI Note Fader without a MIDI turntable. It will also work if you have Traktor Scratch or Serato DJ 1.9 and up with Pitch n Time extension. Our custom mappings will allow you to use the MNF with any turntable now!

This is a video of the first MNF prototype, built into a Vestax PMC 05 Pro MKII:

This is a demonstration video of the MNF being used with a normal turntable (no MIDI required on the turntable):

If you have any questions or comments on how it works, feel free to reach out to us. We are constantly updating this site and the F.A.Q. based on user feedback.

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