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MIDI Note Fader Pro mkII

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This is the successor of the original MNF Pro. The unit is driven by proprietary onboard software, with integrated display and controls. It also has rugged rubber feet like other mixers so it will stay in its place!

Key features:
- 13 scales to choose from
- reverse switch
- visual indicator of MIDI note being sent out
- output up to 2 octaves

Added in mkII:
- integrated menu
- transpose function
- modify outgoing note range (13-49 semitones)
- set midi out channel (1-16)
- root note setting on display
- all controls are available as midi control (via USB) also with MNF control panel software

Your x-fader can be connected to USB input as well to enable e.g. internal Traktor x-fader control. The USB connection can be done for all types of x-fader but you might need to do some rewiring. Out of the box the Vestax x-faders and Pro-X-Fade will work with the 4-pin connector we supply.

Scale rotary, reverse switch and the actual vertical x-fader motion can also be mapped to different software controls via MIDI.

The onboard software can be updated via 'firmware upgrade'. Future feature updates might need extra controls, so a bit of handywork (soldering etc.) might be needed but pure software (input/output) is easy to do. E.g. if we add an extra scale you can do that update by yourself.

Drop in your x-fader, choose a scale and start hitting notes!

How does it work?
The MNF Pro does NOT come included with a X-fader. The intention is to use it with another mixer (main mixer), e.g. a Z2 or a Vestax 05. You use the x-fader of your main mixer and drop it into the MNF standalone. A 4-pin x-fader extension wire is included and needs to be connected to your main mixer's x-fader lead.

Scale selection, reverse option and the actual 'MIDI Note' vertical movement are being done in the standalone unit. All other controls (gain, EQ, master etc.) remain with your main mixer. This is what it looks like when connected:

X-fader control via your DVS software
As of mkII you can also connect the x-fader via USB-midi and use it to control the internal x-fader on your DVS software. In this case you do not need an extra mixer, but you will need a compatible x-fader. Ask us about this feature if you are unsure if you can use it with your own DVS software.

Completing the connection
Connect a MIDI male-to-male cable from the unit to your turntable to control the turntable. A USB MIDI hub can also be used to control e.g. a VST in a similar manner.

The Standalone unit is powered by USB (either from PC/laptop or e.g. a cell-phone wall-charger). The USB cable for power is included, a wall-charger and a MIDI cable are not.

Click here to see some videos and to read more about how it works.

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