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Image of Custom Vestax PMC06 Gold

Custom Vestax PMC06 Gold

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Pristine Vestax PMC 06 VCA with a MIDI Note Fader mod. This mixer is equipped with a Pro X Fade crossfader (not on the pictures!) and also has a Master/Cue mod switch on the front.

USB out to be connected to laptop/PC is on the back of the unit. The mod can be controlled with the MNF control panel. Note that the mixer itself will work perfectly fine without USB. However, to utilize the MNF mod you will always need a USB connected laptop or PC and the control panel will drive the controls.

Like with all our mods you do not need a MIDI turntable to play notes. If you have Traktor Scratch or Serato DJ with Pitch n Time we will provide you with mapping to have key control and use the MIDI Note Fader that way. If you do have a MIDI turntable your laptop or PC needs to be connected via e.g. USB midi to your turntable.

Any questions, drop us a line!

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