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Catalyst Controller MKIII

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In terms of default functionalities this is the same as the MKII version (as below) but the production process is optimized to reduce cost as well as build time - actual product will differ slightly from earlier pictures and videos (mainly faceplate). However, they are still built by hand - as such delivery times can be a bit longer as a result.

More importantly, the MKIII model brings Catalyst Tracker support enabled (In case you missed it, Tracker is like Phase DJ, except it brings more versatile MIDI options). The 'Tracker' itself is not included as the product is still in advanced prototype stage. However, the MKIII model will have the necessary receiver parts assembled in order to wirelessly receive Catalyst Tracker signals in the future. This has a couple of benefits:

- no need to connect the Controller to Traktor for audio processing
- a better 'plug and play' scenario to detect 'vinyl movement'
- more elaborate mapping of MIDI commands possible (direction of vinyl, position of vinyl - e.g. clocktave type of functionality).
- wireless DVS support via Tracker for both Serato and Traktor

If you want to know more about tracker please check out the videos on our Facebook page (for instance here or reach out to us for more details. The idea is that once it is available you can purchase a Tracker unit to complement your Catalyst Controller at a reduced cost.

Here's the blurb for the Catalyst Controller features:
*This model does NOT come included with a x-fader and is designed to attach to the top of your mixer, as it is low profile it will need a low profile x-fader in order to fit properly* We recommend using a mini-innofader and a Z2 mixer. A mini-innofader extension wire is included with this product.

- 13 scales to choose from
- reverse option
- on-board OLED display and menu to access settings
- output note range customizable from 13 - 49 semitones
- transpose up and down buttons
- MIDI output channel selection for notes (1-16)
- MIDI CC output messages:
- From the Modifier pot
- From the vertical fader movement
- When using Traktor the x-fader range is split into 2 MIDI CC values as well
- Audio-in analysis via USB audio*

Extended Syntablism features:
- Ability to control hardware as well as software (VST) Synths with vinyl movement*
- No samples. The actual sound can be manipulated and notes can be played giving the most natural sounding and flexible ’turntable’ instrument to date
- Compatible with any turntable, you DO NOT need a MIDI turntable
- You are not limited to 2 or 2,5 octaves of notes but get full range
- It can play chords!
- ‘Scratch’ the instrument’s sounds with your record movement*
- Trigger notes with the x-fader and manipulate sounds on the fly with e.g. the x-fader ranges MIDI CC mapped to FX**
- It will work with software as well as hardware synthesizers that have MIDI capability

We strongly recommend a Traktor Z2 as that will work best with all MIDI functions. Catalyst will fit on top of most other mini-innofader compatible mixers as well, but results may vary.

Here's a quick video of the mkII , have a look here.

Any questions or comments? Let us know!

* vinyl movement capturing works via on the fly audio analysis with our proprietary frequency analysis algorithm. The audio-in needs to be provided via USB audio and can be routed via most DJ software directly. If you are unsure if your setup supports this please contact us via support.

** at moment of writing only available for Traktor users and compatible mixers

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