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Catalyst Controller Entry - Pre order

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Available as pre-order in limited quantity!

Note: pictures are work in progress, actual model can look slightly different.

This model does NOT come included with a X-fader and is designed to attach to the top of your mixer, as it is low profile it will need a low profile x-fader in order to fit properly. Traktor Z2 and other mini innofader compatible mixers should work fine. In case you will use it with another mixer without a low profile fader, be sure to check with us if you can use it. Alternatively you can get the additional 'support' feet so it can stand alongside your main mixer. However, make sure to check with us if the x-fader of your choice can be fitted into the unit.

It will have glide rails, a menu encoder, an OLED display, 2 MIDI buttons and a rotary control all in the case.

Basic functionalities:
The proven functionalities from the MIDI Note Fader pro mkii, with integrated display and extra controls

- 13 scales to choose from
- reverse option
- on-board OLED display and menu
- output note range customizable from 13 - 49 semitones
- transpose feature
- set midi out channel (1-16)
- 2 MIDI mappable buttons
- 1 MIDI mappable rotary control
- all controls are available as midi control (via USB) also

Extended syntablism features (at moment of writing only available for Trakor users):
- Ability to control hardware as well as software (VST) Synths with vinyl and x-fader movement
- No samples. The actual sound can be manipulated and notes can be played giving the most natural sounding and flexible ’turntable’ instrument to date
-Compatible with any turntable, you DO NOT need a MIDI turntable
You are not limited to 2 or 2,5 octaves of notes but get full range
- It can play chords!
- ‘Scratch’ the instrument’s sounds with your record movement
Trigger notes with the x-fader and manipulate sounds on the fly with e.g. the x-fader range mapped to FX
- It will work with software as well as hardware synthesizers that have MIDI capability
- Buttons are mapped by default to Octave up and down
- Effect control will be mapped to effect 1 by default

Any questions or comments? Let us know!

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